2014 Photos
Two Golden Eagles around a deer carcass!
at Greenwood Music Camp
Monument Mountain, Great Barrington, MA
in Don Quixote at the MET
In Don Q and with John the Baptist!
Also in ABT KIDS
Spring Fairy Attendant -- Cinderella ;Skyler Brandt, Sarah Lane, Gillian Murphy
in Giselle with William and Paloma Herrera
Riley's 12th
Birthday party with
the cake maker
and his
MineCraft cake!
in Giselle with David LaMarche
Rosalie's photos of Max
with Sarah Lane
with Napoleon and Wellington
Aaron Scott & Tom
with Julie Kent and Marcelo Gomes
and with the Jester, Craig Salstein
We missed our long planned
vacation because dad had to
have a knee operation. We
weren't happy about that but
things happen.  We made the
most of the summer until
the boys had their camps --
Max an ABT ballet intensive
and Riley to Greenwood
Music Camp
Riley at Greenwood
Max enjoying Tanglewood!
First day of School
Max's 10th Birthday Party on the Intrepid
A lovely day in Central Park
Max hit a concrete wall on his way to a
Gala rehearsal and got 4 stitches in the
ER!  But he still weht on!
Veterans Day 2014
Hike up Bear Mountain with Ron
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade