2015 Western
Hiking Trip
December 2015
Hotels? check; Car? check; ready to head to El Moro Canyon, Las Vegas, Red
Rock Canyon, Zion, Bryce, the Grand Canyon & Joshua Tree National Parks!
with Murray the Magician!
It was a very snowy beginning to our
stay in Bryce and VERY cold!
On to Bryce National Park
Utah State Park, Petrified Forest. Miranda
was not impressed after she saw the
Mountain Lion paw prints in the snow!
However, it was much warmer there!
We drove from Bryce down US 89 through
beautiful country to the East entrance of the
Grand Canyon
On the way out of
the Park we hiked the
Canyon View Trail
in the snow just
before they closed
the road out!
Blister break!
The next day it was the South Kaibab Trail.  We were a little tired
from the day before but we still made it down to Skeleton Point
where this crow was looking for a hand out!!
It was a great day!  We walk over 13 miles with
3,300 ft elevation change. The boys were great
We left early the following morning and drove southwest to the town of
Twentynine Palms, CA just above the Joshua Tree National Park and our first
stop --
Skull Rock
Ryan Mountain
was our last hike of the trip
Waiting for our bags at
Newark completely hooked
in to our devices!
(Click to see our track!)