1. Melbourne
2. Great Ocean Road
3. Uluru 1
4. Kata Tjuta
5. Cairns
(Reef & Croc Adventure)
6. Cradle Mountain 1
7. Cradle Mountain 2
8. Melbourne 2
In August 2017 we took a trip to Australia.
These photos are in 8 sections:
2017 Australia
Great Ocean Road
12 Apostles
Dinner at Lisa and Graham's house in Port Melbourne
The drive down to the Great Ocean Road was
rainy and full of huge trucks but the drive back
was gorgeous. The wattle trees were in full

The next day we flew to Yulara, the tiny town
built for visitors to Ayers Rock, Uluru and the
Olgas, Kata Tjuta. That day we hiked around
the Rock (10k) then up to the summit
The sunrise from our hotel was gorgeous.
The next day we drove to The Olgas for 2
separate hikes.
We were VERY sore when we got to the Outback Desert Inn.
Charles had fallen and twisted his ankle on top of the Rock and  
so was swollen and bloody but nothing was going to stop us!
Riley ran across a yellow-spotted
lizard sunning himself on the rocks.
Amazing desert sunrises!
The following day we wanted to climb
Uluru one more time but it was closed
due to high winds at the summit. So we
explored parts of the base of the Rock
which we hadn't seen the day before
and went to the Cultural Center for a
snack and some gifts.
Max learning to drive!
We left Uluru (sadly) and flew to Cairns on the
northeast coast of Australia. We arrived after dark after
stopping for groceries and found a lovely 3 bedroom
ocean view beach-front apartment with a huge balcony!
It was a very active day on the
reef. Everyone was exhausted
on the ride back to the harbor
in Cairns. We went to two
dive sites, Michaelmas Cay and
Hayward Reef, and saw
amazing things. The next day
we went to Hartley's Croc
Adventures. Amazing!!
After all of this
adventure we had a
rather long travel day,
a flight to Melbourne,
another to
Tasmania, and then
we rented a car and
drove 2 hours up into
the mountains to
Cradle Mountain
National Park for 2
days of hiking in the
Day 2 at Ayers we drove to the
Olgas which apparently used to
be like Ayers Rock but erosion
got to it.
Our 2nd (and last) day in Cradle Mountain was only the morning so we
hiked up Hanson's Peak (Riley's choice, and it was a good one).
We spent the last few days back in
Melbourne staying with Gen. We went
to St. Kilda and to the Ballet Centre to
see our old friends and a ballet.